01.08.24: Our paper titled "A Data Driven Sequential Learning Framework to Accelerate and Optimize Multi-Objective Manufacturing Decisions" has been accepted in Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing.

12.15.23: Our paper titled "Chatbots and ChatGPT: A bibliometric analysis and systematic review of publications in Web of Science and Scopus databases" has been accepted in International Journal of Data Mining, Modeling & Management.

07.15.23: Our paper titled "A CNN-LSTM Architecture for Marine Vessel Track Association Using Automatic Identification System (AIS) Data" has been accepted and published in Sensors.

05.24.23: Our paper titled "A Bi-LSTM Autoencoder Framework for Anomaly Detection--A Case Study of a Wind Power Dataset" has been accepted in IEEE Conference of Automation Science & Engineering (CASE 23).

05.21.23: Four students from our group presented their work in the IISE Annual Conference 23 in New Orleans, LA.

05.02.03: Our project titled "Psychiatric Sequelae of COVID-19: Identifying the Contributing Factors and Developing a Data-driven Predictive Framework" has been funded by WVU Research and Scholarship Grants. I am the PI for this project.

05.07.23: Our paper titled "Applications of Federated Learning in Manufacturing: Identifying the Challenges and Exploring the Future Directions with Industry 4.0 and 5.0 Visions" has been accepted for in the 8th IEOM North American Conference on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, Houston, Texas, USA, June 13-15, 2023. 

03.20.23: Two papers from our group has been accepted for publication in the IISE Annual Conference Proceedings 23. They are "Guiding the Sequential Experiments in Autonomous Experimentation Platforms through EI-based Bayesian Optimization and Bayesian Model Averaging" led by Shoyeb and "Multi model LSTM architecture for Track Association based on Automatic Identification System Data" led by Md Asif Bin Syed.

04.19.23: MS student Tasmiah Haque successfully defended her MS thesis today. Congratulations to her!

11.01.22: Our project  titled "A Novel and Integrated Approach to Enhance Adoption of Pollution Prevention (P2) Practices" is recently funded by EPA (FY 2022 and FY 2023 Pollution Prevention Grant Program, EPA-HQ-OPPT-2022-001). It is led by Dr. Ashish Nimbarte and I am a Co-I in this project.

10.18.2022: Our poster presented by Ahmed Shoyeb Raihan won the best poster award in INFORMS Annual Meeting. Congratulations to Ahmed!

09.01.2022: Hamed Khosravi and Maryam Ramazani joined our lab as a PhD student. 

07.15.2022: Our paper submitted to IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems got accepted!

04.19.2022: PhD Student Ahmed Shoyeb Raihan won 500$ travel award for presenting our work on Autonomous experimentation platforms during the research week at WVU Statler College, congratulations to Ahmed!

10.24.2021: Organized an invited session titled "Advanced Machine Learning Techniques in Manufacturing Systems" in INFORMS Annual Meeting, 2021.

09.01.2021: Ahmed Shoyeb Raihan joined my lab as a PhD student.

05.24.2021: Organized an invited session titled “Sequential Decision Making under Uncertainty” under the Quality Control and Reliability Engineering (QCRE) track in IISE 2021.

03.17.2021: I will be joining the Industrial & Management Systems Engineering Department (IMSE) at West Virginia University (WVU) as a tenure track Assistant Professor from Fall 2021.

03.10.2021: My paper submitted at IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI) got accepted. PAMI and JMLR are considered as the top 2 journals in the area of machine learning.

12.30.2020: My paper at Journal of Machine Learning Research (JMLR) got accepted. This paper contains the major portion of my PhD work.

11.14.2020: I become the father of a baby girl!! The best day of my life. Welcome little Ereshva!  

11.09.2020: Presented on INFORMS Annual Meeting 2020 virtually.

11.02.2020: Presented on IISE Annual Expo 2020 virtually.

08.15.2020: Started working as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the ISEN department at Texas A&M.

08.07.2020: Officially graduated from Texas A&M. 

05.29.2020: Successfully defended my PhD dissertation. 

01.17.2020: Started working on a new project titled: "How to handle surprise observations and its relationship with Bayesian optimization".

01.17.2020: Started working on a new project related to NSF ATD challenge datasets in collaboration with Dr. Mikyoung Jun from TAMU Statistics department.

12.12.2019: Completed my fourth work on developing graph regularized deep learning techniques for anomaly detection.

10.22.2019: Won the first place at INFORMS Poster Competition in INFORMS 2019, Seattle.

10.22.2019: Presented my research work in INFORMS 2019, Seattle.

10.20.2019: Participated in QSR Student Interaction and Poster Session in INFORMS 2019.

09.25.2019: Won the best poster presentation award in Texas A&M Conference on Energy 2019.

09.19.2019: Selected as a finalist of the INFORMS best student poster competition 2019.

09.06.2019: Awarded the doctoral student colloquium travel grant from Industrial and System Engineering department, Texas A&M University. 

08.09.2019: Participated and presented a poster at Summer School 2019 in GA Tech campus.

06.03.2019: Selected as a participant of the NSF sponsored Foundation of Data Science (FDS) Summer School 2019, which will take place on the campus of Georgia Institute of Technology. 

05.20.2019: Whoop! Won the QCRE best student paper competition in IISE 2019, Orlando

05.19.2019: Presented my work in IISE 2019, QCRE Invited Session at Orlando

05.16.2019: The conference paper submitted for 15th IEEE CASE got accepted!

04.17.2019: Selected as one of the finalists for the 2019 QCRE best student paper competition, the final competition will be held during IISE Annual Conference 2019 in Orlando, Florida

04.03.2019: Whoop! Won the Texas A & M Institute of Data Science Graduate Travel Grant (1000$)

04.01.2019: Started my fourth work titled “Dimensionality Reduction using Autoencoder with Neighborhood Regularization”

03.15.2019: Completed my third work, developing online algorithms for anomaly detection

02.04.2019: Submitted a conference paper titled “O-LoMST: An Online Anomaly Detection Approach And Its Application In A Hydropower Generation Plant” for IEEE CASE conference to be held in Vancouver, Canada. This is a part of my third work

12.06.2018: Successfully passed the PhD Preliminary Exam and defended my Dissertation Proposal

11.07.2018: Presented my second work in INFORMS Annual Meeting 2018, Phoenix, Arizona

10.01.2018: Started my third work “Online algorithm for Anomaly Detection”

09.27.2018: Completed and submitted my second work titled “Unsupervised Point Anomaly Detection Using Neighborhood Structure Assisted Non-negative Matrix Factorization” to ACM Transactions of Knowledge Discovery from Data (ACM TKDD)

06.12.2018: Whoop! Journal paper submitted in IEEE TASE got accepted after two rounds of revision

05.18.2018: The conference paper got accepted for publication in the conference proceedings

02.08.2018: Submitted a conference paper titled “Outlier detection for hydropower generation plant” for IEEE CASE conference to be held in China.

10.24.2017. Presented my first work in INFORMS Annual Meeting 2017, Houston

09.01.2017: Started working on my second paper, this work is in collaboration with Dr. Xia Ben Hu, from CSE department, TAMU

08.12.2017: Completed the Internship project in ABB and rejoined TAMU

07.26.2017: Submitted my first work titled “Unsupervised anomaly detection based on minimum spanning tree approximated distance measures and its application to hydropower turbines” to IEEE Transactions of Automation Science & Engineering (IEEE TASE)

05.22.2017: Joined ABB Corporate Research Centre as a Summer Research Intern 

04.30.2017: Completed my first work of the project

09.01.2016: Started working on a project titled “Algorithms for Unsupervised Anomaly Detection”, it is a collaboration between ABB and Texas A & M

08.11.2016: Completed the Internship project in ABB and rejoined TAMU

08.04.2016: Successfully passed the ISEN PhD qualifying exam

05.29.2015: Joined ABB Corporate Research Centre as a Summer Research Intern

09.01.15: Joined Dr. Yu Ding’s group a graduate research assistant to conduct research in the area of Industrial Data Science

09.01.15: Joined the PhD program in Industrial & Systems Engineering Department, Texas A & M University